Wednesday, October 06, 2010


I have just been thrown over the edge....enough over the edge that I had to blog about it.

I was listening to the news on NPR and there was an interview with a high up dude at Frito-Lay. They were talking about how they are having to change the biodegradable bag that Sun Chips come in. Why? Hold on.....are you ready for this? Consumers were complaining the bags were too loud.....WTF?????? One consumer complained the bag sounded like broken glass while it was being opened.

I have to ask....DO SOME PEOPLE NOT HAVE IMPORTANT THINGS TO WORRY ABOUT???? Other than the sound their chip bag makes when they are opening it???

I mean COME ON! SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!


Donda said...

OK I am on the wagon with the other folks. I cannot stand to hear a chip bag. My husband will prop up on the couch and open the darn bag like he is making love to drives me bonkers.

Fiona said...

Hmmm silent bags clogging up the landfill forever more...or noisy bags that will break down.