Thursday, June 03, 2010


It's no secret I like to listen to NPR at work, and everyday I listen to several shows designated to the Gulf oil spill. Everyday the oil continues to gush into to the gulf I feel an anger building in me toward BP. I am not an engineer nor a biologist. But, one has to think BP could be using their resources better than they have.

I feel like BP feels as if they are the 'Donald Trump' of this catastrophe and will do what they want when they want to do it. I feel they believe they have the money and resources to NOT be told what to do. IMHO, that time has passed. I know there has been a hot line set up by BP for people to call with their ideas to help stop this spill and start the clean up. I wonder how many they have actually listened to? I know it would kill BP's pride if an idea was used by an outsider to fix this situation. But, there are a lot of intelligent people in the world with great ideas that don't get a paycheck from BP.

If BP is going to continue to try to stop this spill, unsuccessfully as of this blog post, on their own, Obama needs to take charge. Someone from Obama's team needs to sit down and seriously start going through the tips left on this hot line and weed out the really good ideas that could possibly save the Gulf and our beaches before it's too late. Because I'm afraid BP doesn't give a rats ass.

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Trista said...

I completely agree with you! I am sick to my stomach over it, the precious wildlife, habitat, and earth they are destroying makes me so angry. I live in the middle of Montana, so I am useless as far being there, and helping animals and vegetation goes but BP needs to be put out of business for one, and second of all they need to pay for every single cent that any worker is missing out on right now and every single cent that it is going to cost to "hopefully" clean this mess up. BUT, even that will not cover the damage they have done, the animals they have abolished, or the vegetation they have destroyed. The gulf will never be the same again and BP needs to pay for it!