Tuesday, May 04, 2010


This story is so disgusting... I can't believe I am repeating it: A Chinese man died after a drunken prank from friends ended with an eel in his rectum. THERE....I SAID IT!!!

A 59 year-old chef was partying with friends as he normally might. He passed out drunk, expecting to wake up with nothing worse than the usual hangover.

But his friends allegedly had something special planned: they shoved a 20-inch long Asian eel into the man’s anus.

After eventually bringing the man to the hospital (it’s unclear how long it took), the man was pronounced dead by a team of doctors in Sichuan, China. After performing an autopsy, they found the lengthy eel inside of the man. Cause of death was found to be the eel ate the man’s bowels in their entirety.

I know...go ahead and throw up...you will feel better, trust me...


McGriddle Pants said...

oh man! I bet that HURT LIKE A SONOFABITCH!! Ate his bowels!?
WTF indeed!

Seriously, where do you find this stuff?!

Too funny :)

Charmed said...

Yahoo News...who knew!?!?!

Donda said...

VOMIT! So I wonder if the friends are going to be charged with Manslaughter?

Charmed said...

Donda: Or the eel could be charged with manslaughter!