Wednesday, May 05, 2010

What has happened to our country?


1. to irritate, annoy, or anger; cause resentful displeasure in
2. to affect disagreeably
3. to violate or transgress
4. to hurt or cause pain

I really enjoy listening to NPR, but on occasion they report stories that make my skin crawl. And, being an American citizen, I can change my radio station until the story ends. I have never felt the need to boycott my local NPR station because I have been offended.

So, my ranting begins...............

Last night on the way home, NPR played this story: Wisconsin Law Targets Race-Based Mascots. The story is centered around persons who are offended by school mascots.

School mascots. School mascots!! Really? My daughters (and I, back in the 70's) attended an elementary school where the mascot was the Braves, and the mascot was the cutest little Indian boy you had ever seen. I went to the schools website while typing this post, the Indian boy has been removed from the site and the word "Brave" is used very few times to describe the student body. Sad, very sad. Where do you draw the line? BEHS, where I, and my daughter now attends HS, has the 'Chargers', a horse for their mascot. And my youngest daughters new school is the PGES Dolphins. What is to say that someone isn't offended that we are 'violating' the rights of animals that cannot speak for themselves??? OMG!!! I need a nerve pill, or maybe 3 or 4 nerve pills. Stupid people really get on my nerves!!

In high school, Mr. Howard did a wonderful job teaching my class Civics at Bullitt East High, way back in 1986. I attended college where I learned about the United States governing bodies and it's laws. If there is one thing I learned from both of these settings:

"The First Amendment simply doesn't provide any of us with a right not to be offended."

When did Americans become such pansy wansies that we cannot just disagree with another person or groups views and call it a day? When did Americans call it upon themselves to take every issue they feel wronged by and make a spectacle out of it and themselves? When did we Americans become so thin skinned?

It really makes me sick and angry. I was listening to THIS STORY on NPR this morning on our way to work. Ms. Gaylor is upset and offended that she is being told by the government that she must pray today, on this National Day of Prayer. Now, I would like to ask Ms Gaylor. If you chose not to pray...will you be arrested? Will you taken out into the streets and stoned to death? Will you be raped and beaten? Will you be jailed and tortured until you are forced to pray in front of your captors?

I don't think so, because, Ms. Gaylor, you and I live in America, the home of the Brave and the Free. Not the lilly livered and the whiny assed! Now shut the fuck up and sit in your house with your thumb stuck up your ass and do whatever it is you do all day and don't pray today and everyone will be happy.

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jemjam36 said...

I can't tell you how much I agree with your post - thank you!