Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Charmed's pet peeves...

** When I finally get my radio tuned to NPR with NO STATIC and then I roll back to my desk and then there is static. WTF??????????

** When I am at someone else's desk at work and I need to borrow a paper clip and they are 'one of those' that likes to connect all of their paper clips. So when you try to pull one out of the little magnetic holder....23 also come out with the one you chose.

** Why don't bottle's of dish washing liquid for the dishwasher don't tell you how many loads of dishes the bottle will clean? I would really like to know this, so I can compare the bottle to the little square thingys....

** When I ask my teenage daughter to fold a load of laundry and she half asses and only folds about 2/3 of it. She usually leaves a couple pieces of clothes and some socks, and she never returns the clothes basket to the laundry room. WHY??????????

** When I grocery shop at Wal-Mart because they really do save me money...but then when it is time to check out, they only have 3 of the 56 registers open!

** When you are greeted by a hairball your daughters 'cute little cat' pukes up every day upon arriving home from work.

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