Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What do you think?

I amt thinking of getting a pair of these...does anyone already have a pair??

I've read a couple of reviews online and I'm not sure these are right for me. I'd really love any input anyone can give me. Thanks!


kristi said...

Love the colors, I say go for it!

MommaAmma said...

I want the Rebok EasyTone. I hope to hear you got these and that you love them and that they work and don't hurt your feet!

I will say I saw them on a 5' 100 pound lady walking down the street and she looked like she was wearing moonboots. Your shoes should not be bigger than your arse. Just keep that in mind. :o)

Jerasphere said...

They are NOT comfortable at all.... according to a friend that owns them... however, her legs look great. she is a server and wears them while working

Charmed said...

OK guys, now I am worried about getting these shoes. I have trouble walking barefoot on solid ground!

I may have to go and try some on and walk around in them in the store before I make my decision!

Fiona said...

I think this style/functionality started with MBT (Masai Barefoot Technology) who have some good info on their website, including exercises to get you used to the shoes

I've never owned a pair but have a couple of friends who swear by them...but did admit they take some getting used to.