Thursday, April 15, 2010

"I would like to thank my adoring fans, my parents...."

oh, wait.....wrong speech. **blushing**

Who I would actually like to thank are the millions of Americans who didn't vote for Katie Steven's Tuesday night on American Idol. I must say, I haven't let someone creep me out as much as Katie in a long time. I think it's because she reminded of this really creepy doll I had when I was little. And, her face is more obwide, instead of oblong...shudder!

And....were all the celebrities who have ANYTHING to do with music busy Tuesday night? I mean, come on, Adam Lambert as the host mentor?!?!?!

I guess the crew that is left is OK. I mean the chick with dreads, Crystal, can really sing. The other chick, Siobhan can belt out a tune as well. The only guy left that I like is Lee, the dude right behind chickee with the dreads. I can understand why Big Mike and Casey are still around. What I can't get my head around is why on earth Aaron and Tim are still on the show. Can you say "LAME???"

I still find myself asking the same question every week..."why am I still watching this stupid show?" I never seem to answer my own question...


Donda said...

Ahhh one of my favorite topics! American Idol. Crystal AKA Buttertooth has this all wrapped up. Tim needs a haircut STAT. Everytime he flings his head to one side to get the hair out of his eyes I feel sure Ryan is going to have to call 1-800-Ask-Gary! Lee looks just like my third husband. That said, I should probably mention I am only on #2. Katie is boring like Katherine McPhee...just sayin'.

Fiona said...

I think Crystal is the most talented but that doesn't mean, unfortunately, she'll take it. Sometimes 'cute' wins over talent, heck anyone here from the UK, just think of the Jedward fiasco :)