Thursday, March 18, 2010

Things I've been pondering lately.....

* Why does my mascara smell like licorice?

* How did we get so many hangers at home?

* Why do I always notice odd things like when the cleaning crew at work change the color of trash liners in our garbage cans?

* This year I am going to take advantage of my Amazon Wish List when important holidays roll around.

* Why do all teenagers HAVE to act like a teenager?

* A co-worker asked me if I was filling out a bracket for the NCAA tourney. When I told her I wasn't, she called me a pussy. I have just completed my bracket...I am a lot of things, a pussy is NOT on of them.

* Raise your children the right way from birth...always cook their food in the microwave. Never cook their food in the oven, it only takes longer and spoils them.

* Who is the booger flicker at work? If you remember this post, well, you know what I am talking about. I mean...come on! I was in the elevator yesterday and I saw a big dried loogie on the elevator wall. GROSS!

* My doctor has put me on a mood stabilizer so I can make it through my days without killing anyone at work. The two things I have noticed...I am now sleeping REALLY well at night and on the drive to work, and I have no desire to eat. *Charmed's quick tip of the day: To keep yourself awake and lively while on a long car drive, hold a lit cigarette all times. This ensures you will stay alert and attentive so your clothes do not become engulfed in flames.*

* Sometimes I wish my cell phone wasn't really a phone.

* I really enjoy Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers. They will save you a ton of space in your closet and make you feel like you are the most organized person in the world (even if you aren't). And ladies...WHO doesn't need more room for more clothes?!?!?!?

* If your child is yelling "MOM!!" from another room in your house and you ignore them long enough, they will eventually give up and move on to something else. Try works!

* On days when I cannot get my podcasts to play correctly from, I want to throw my computer out of my third story window. **note to self - call Dr. R. regarding increasing dosage on mood stabilizer**

* When I read this list back in my mind...why do I use the southern twang voice of Amy Sedaris instead of my own???


Organic Meatbag said...

See, this bracket March Madness pisses me off, and the example you gave is the reason why... suddenly, just because I don't like basketball, everybody is treating me like the Prince of fucking Darkness...I hate that "either you are for U of L or U of K or just die" mentality...

Charmed said...

Yeah, then you fill out the damn bracket and then people make fun of who you picked.


Unknown Blogger said...

when your child yells MOM... I remember as a child my mum would do the same but i used to give up and go find her and say did you not hear me. Well now i see what's happening...haha

You have the boogie flicker at work we have camera freak who feels the need to take pictures on nights out but there always everyone at there worse. Why! why not when your at your best!