Thursday, February 18, 2010

This I Used To Believe...

* If I went outside with wet hair, I would catch phenomena.

* When I was little I thought the word 'Tupperware' was pronounced 'Tukkerware'. When my mother told me how it was really pronounced...I argued with her.

* I would never be happy.

* I would never have the strength to divorce my first husband.

* Legwarmers were awesome.

* If you get in a bath with bubble bath, you will get a bladder infection. (wait...I still believe this one...)

* Colored toilet paper will also cause a bladder infection. (I have a strange infatuation with things that cause bladder infections...what can I say....I'm very weird.)

* My Mam-maw had stomach cancer when she was in her 30' I too, would have stomach cancer or any other kind of cancer.

* I would never fly on an airplane.

* I might have another baby.

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