Thursday, February 04, 2010

I'm not sure how I feel about this.....


Attorney: 10 Americans Charged With Kidnapping For Trying To Take Children Out Of Haiti

The Americans were detained in Haiti for trying to take 33 children out of the country after the Jan. 12 earthquake have been charged with child kidnapping.

The poor girl on the far right doesn't look any older than 14 or 15, she probably was taken there by her parents.....such a sad situation

While Dunnski and I were driving to work yesterday we were listening to a story on NPR about the plight of the Haiten people and how 2 out 5 children in Haiti will die before their fifth birthday.

Knowing that can we say these people are wrong for trying to save these children's lives?

I had a dream last night that I believe was as a consequence of trying to rationalize this story in my mind. I was in Afghanistan (of all places) and was in a line to get a ticket to ride a train. It was loud and there was so much noise. War was everywhere, I can remember feeling paralyzed with fear. I was wearing a veil and a long wrap, and I just kept thinking if I kept my head down and kept quiet, no one would notice me and I wouldn't get shot, for some reason, I had a really bad fear I was going to get shot. There was a lady with a toddler in line behind me and she didn't have enough money for her ticket and her son. (I had remembered that I had put a $10 bill in my wallet earlier in the day after a trip to the store - I do that a lot in my dreams - I go back and forth between real time and dream time - it's very strange), so I got out my wallet to get her the money. She thanked me, but told me American money was not accepted at the station. She began to tell me her son was ill and she was taking him to Kabul for medical care. He had a tumor in his brain and the doctors had told her it was curable, but he could only get the medical treatment he needed in the United States. She only kept going back to the doctors hoping they would have different news or improved medical care. Somehow, we both got on the train and during the ride we began talking about our children, it was during this time she asked me if I would take her son back with me to U.S. She said she knew I had children and I would take good care of him, and that she would rather say goodbye to him and know he would live and be happy...than to see him die in her arms knowing she could do nothing.

How could I say no?


E said...

The thing is, many of those 33 children were not orphans. They had just suffered a serious trauma and now were being taken away from what was familiar by people they didn't know. I understand those people probably really only wanted to help those children, but there are legal ways to go about it.

Absconding with children without proper paperwork and documentation and without verifying that those children really were orphans is not the right answer. If they truly want to be effective and offer needed help, they need to jump through the legal hopes.

Imagine how their parents felt? There has been this terrible earthquake, thousands have died and now their children are missing.

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

Michelle said...

The woman who organized the whole thing is in all kinds of financial trouble, she was the one who pulled in all of these people from the baptist church.

They were going from orphanage to orphanage trying to get them to give the children to them to take to the Dominican Republic and then to the US for adoption.

It's a really screwed up situation and while I don't think that everyone involved should be in jail, there needs to be SOME accountability.