Friday, January 22, 2010

What. The. Fuck???

I regularly listen to podcasts at work, I have ADD and it helps me concentrate. This morning I was listening to last nights ABC world nightly news to a story about Haiti and the race to get food and water to the Haiten people.

A correspondent from ABC news was flying with US military when food was dropped in a field, with hundreds of people patiently waiting for it. They were told to not come near the food, that it would be trucked to the towns and delivered to them shortly. The ABC journalist drove back to town to see if the food was in fact going to be delivered as said. Almost SIX hours later, the food came in by truck. ONLY for the hungry people to be told..."the soldiers who have brought the food have been up since 5 and haven't eaten today, so they are going to eat, then pass out the food."

Those poor people haven't eaten in 10 frickin' days and those soldiers are complaining because they haven't eaten all day?????????? I listened and watched the story a couple of more times and the "soldiers" were not Americans, I am not sure what nationality they were, only that they didn't speak English.

Here is the link, it is after Conan and before the man who talks in his sleep. It is near the end. I still just can't believe it.


Smart Ass Sara said...

I know. I heard that, too. I'm avoiding all news coverage of this because I only get angry. I'm starting to think the helpers over there are just a bunch of babies. Literally, a bunch of babies. And then I get pissed off and want to go down there with a megaphone for the Haitian people who are like attacking people with food. It's like calm your shit down. Seriously. If you keep attacking the, they will stop coming. Common sense is kind of crucial here. *grr*

Organic Meatbag said...

wow, that is some bullshit...