Thursday, January 21, 2010

Really? Really? Are you serious????

I know, I know...I am posting a lot today, but I have a lot on my mind.

I have been meaning to post about this for a while, but it always seems to slip my mind. Until I have to go to the potty, then I think about it again, but by the time I get back to my desk, I have forgotten again....I am getting old.

To set the scene, I must tell you, Dunnski, Meatbag and I work in a professional office setting. One with offices, cubicles, a much higher ratio of Chiefs to Indians and professional attire (well, that was before our pay was cut and our benefits were that point we could wear jeans. Cause you know, dressing like a slob makes the fact you are poor and can't afford your health care ALL BETTER!) "Bitter...your table for one is ready!"

I'm sorry what was I talking about??? Oh yeah, our professional place of business. I cannot speak for the men, because I do not frequent the men's room, but I am loudly screaming for the female race when I say, "WHAT THE FUCK IS UP WITH WHOEVER IS WIPING THEIR BOOGIES ON THE WALLS IN THE POTTY AT WORK??"

I have two children, so I am used to seeing gross things. Trust me, we need to put on a haz-mat suit just to walk into our 14 year olds room. But, THIS is the nastiest thing EVER! I mean, come on! You are in the potty with, not one, but TWO roles of TP that you could wipe your snot on, but you chose to wipe it on the walls? Is this laziness? Is it a crazy person? Or is it just someone who was raised in the wild by a pack of bobcats?

Before my 16 years with my current company, I worked 5 years at a hardware store and 2 years at a concrete company that made septic tanks. By far the nastiest job was the septic tank place, but at least I can say, no one there wiped their boogies on the walls of the potty.

I mean, REALLY? Seriously??


Jerasphere said...

makes you think, if they don't use the TP to wipe their noses.... do they use it to wipe their asses?

for those reading the comments... I use to work for said company also and I can tell you that I have worked in bars and in construction offices and the bathrooms at said company are the worst by far. it is not the cleaning staff... it is however the gross immature nasty funky women that work there.

ummmhello said...

OH MY GOD that happens here, too. We have ONE unisex bathroom for about 15 people. There is routinely menstrual blood on the toilet seat, boogers on the walls and all manner of nastiness.
I live 5 minutes away. I pee when I go on break or lunch - AT HOME!