Tuesday, January 05, 2010

All I wanted for Christmas was to be able to sleep!!!!

OK, I have been having trouble sleeping lately, and it is really getting old. Now don't get me wrong, I am a good sleeper, but I have to be tired to be able to sleep. I am also a very good napper, just give me a blanky and a pillow (or a couple of pillows) and I am out like a light, no matter what time of day. I think the fact I like sleep so much is one of the reasons I'm so confused by my lack of it.

But lately, at night, I can't seem to get a good nights rest. If I do happen to fall asleep, if I am awaken before the morning, I am up for at least an hour or sometimes longer. I have tried Tylenol PM, Simply Sleep, Advil PM and have even resorted to a bedtime nightcap to help me drift off to slumber. Nothing seems to be helping and I really don't want to take a prescription sleep aid. My brother has taken one in the past and he has told me scary stories. Like, arriving at his work the morning after he took his Ambien and not remembering how he drove himself there. If there is anything I dread worse than not being able to sleep....it is being tired and groggy the next day.

Lucky for us, I'm not the only one in our household with sleep issues....I think I have mentioned before that our 10 year old has issues sleeping alone. She will sneak into her older sisters room at night and sleep on her top bunk. Wwweeeeellllll.....her sister has about had it having her younger sister sleep in her room (since she has a perfectly good room herself). We have taken to our therapist, we have given her natural sleep remedies, the therapist taught her relaxation techniques and so on. We have tried it all. We have even tried locking her sisters door so she can't sneak in there. She just knocks on the door and cries until she wakes her sister up and she lets her in. *sigh*

She has issues about being by herself, she doesn't like to sleep alone. We can work on it at home and get her sleeping in her own room, but there is a problem. Every Thursday and every other weekend she goes to her Dad's house...where she sleeps in a bedroom with her sister and her two step-sisters. So any steps she takes forward at home, she jumps right back when she visits her dad. Last night was a perfect example of her wanting to go in her sisters room, her sister not wanting her in her room and me the referee.

I have tried to calm any fears she has regarding her room. I have shown her the windows and doors are locked. I have reassured her that Dunnski and I are NOT going anywhere during the night, we will both be there in the morning when she wakes up. That her room is perfectly safe, I would not have her live in a room that wasn't safe. We are out of ideas and at the end of our rope. We really don't know what to do next. Any suggestions????


Amanda said...

Hi! I just wandered over from Clark Kent's Lunchbox.

I am a miserable sleeper at night. Let me take a 2-3 hour nap and I'm in heaven. I take ambien pretty regularly and it's been my saviour. I fall right to sleep, I wake up just fine. I recommend going right to bed after taking it and making sure you have plenty of time to sleep. It sounds like your brother was still drugged in the morning. Perhaps he took it very late at night? Sometimes if I read in bed at night after taking an ambien, in the morning I don't remember what I read. SO - just be careful but they can do wonders!

I <3 sleep!

Charmed said...

Amanda: Thanks for the advice, I may have to try the Ambien. And, I too, LOVE my sleep!