Friday, October 02, 2009


Something terrible happened this week at work, a co-worker lost her teenage son to suicide. A horrible tragedy that didn't have to happen. There have been two suicides at my daughter's high school since school started in mid September. What is happening to our children? What burdens are they carrying are so heavy that they would want to end their lives?

I talked to my daughter before school this morning and told her to please talk to me if anything is ever bothering her. I don't care what it involves...drugs, sex, money, boys, anything! No conversation will ever be as uncomfortable as having to bury your child because they felt trapped by their emotions or in a deep depression and afraid to ask for help.

I understand the feeling of being of trapped, I was diagnosed with depression in 2004. And, before this time, I never could wrap my mind around how anyone could take their own life. Depression is a scary, dark and lonely place I never want to visit again. The memories are enough to remind me of the journey I would like to forget.

We all have moments that make up our past, but they don't have to make us who we are. It took me a long time to realize that. I'm better now and the happiest I have ever been.

If you or someone you know is suffering, please know there is hope. 1-800-SUICIDE


Michele said...
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Michele said...

What a moving post. Well done.
I lost the love of my life to suicide 12 years ago. And it was, by far, the most bizzare kind of death to grieve over.
My heart is breaking for your coworker. I cannot imagine losing a child for any reason, let alone suicide.
My thoughts and prayers are with her.

I also have suffered from depression for years, and know that feeling all too well.
I will also be having that "talk" with my daughter.
((hugs)) to you. And thank you for sharing. You're amazing!!


Organic Meatbag said...

Well said, C...what a terrible tragedy...

kristi said...

I am so sad for her.

My daughter talks A LOT.
My son, not so much. Plus he has autism and has fits of rage. They have gotten better but he is only 7 years old.

Yo is Me said...

oh. this took the breath out of me. this is why it's so important to keep communication open with our kids, about everything. this is why i have my nephew. i hope we can be those communicators with my nephew. not just for him, but for his peers.

it takes a village.

thank you for posting this.