Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm not as think as you drunk I am...

Our lives have slowed down dramatically since the wedding and returning from our honeymoon. I am slowly trying to get back into our daily routine that doesn't involve thoughts of planning of a wedding or the feeling of forgetting to include something, someone or some major detail that would make our wedding a disaster. Of course, that did not happen and our wedding was perfect.

There were a few things that have been swirling around in my messed up head that I wanted to share....

* Don't pay a lot of money for a french pedicure right before going to the beach....the sand blasts the polish clean off.

* I was charged $310 to have my up do, my maid of honor's up do and my two girls hair fixed for the wedding. I am clearly in the wrong profession.

* Definitely take a vacation that has a bar in the pool. WAY COOL!

* If you remember to take your meds, odds are you are not likely to be balled up in a corner crying by the end of the day.

* Remember that family means well when they tell you what they think you should be doing, when you have only asked for their help.

* If you are going to be on Jerry Springer....for God's Sake, wear your bitch shit kicken' outfit!

* Last but not least...I WON 2nd PLACE in our chili cook off at work yesterday!!! I would like to thank my mother for the recipe and say that Beyonce had the best damn video of the year!!!

Thank you


Fiona said...

ooooooh a chili recipe....I've been looking for a good one, care to share :)

I'm so glad you had a perfect wedding but you're right, it does take a while to remember you don't have all that planning anymore! That's why Steve and I eloped ;)

The first time round though....egads!!! My mother, the odd bird that she was, chose to be a spectator in the whole thing, didn't help me with any of the arrangements. The day I took her (in a mighty spin by then) to see the venue, she calmly said to me "And what are you doing about the cake?"....all I could come up with was, quite literally "Fuck the cake!" That was the first and only time I ever used that word to my mother, so that tells you the stress level.

And no, there was no f'ing cake on the day!!

Charmed said...

Sure! I would love to share! I will post it as a blog entry later today. It is really nothing special...as a fellow co-worker said, "it is really good basic chili!"

I took offense at first, but then he reminded me in a chili cook off, you tend to get a lot of different entries. So, it was nice to eat something that actually tasted like chili. I chose to not maim him after he said that! :-)

I know what you mean. It seemed that everyone was telling me what I should do, or trying to talk me into what they thought I should do. I tried to do a lot of it myself. But, sometimes when you ask for help or an opinion...that is all you want.

And the CAKE!!!!!!!! We found this AWESOME cake lady and paid a small fortune for a cake that was made for a couple in their late 30's getting married for their second time. The 3 tiers were Chocolate raspberry, Italian cream, banana with peanut butter and fudge icing. But, I must say, the cake was...meh....We were a little disappointed.