Thursday, October 01, 2009

I love playing 'find the saltine'!!


Lizz said...

Why is there silverware in the pancake drawer??

I love Scrubs!!! I am so J.D. you guys hve no idea.

SSP said...

just a note to let you know i got the books - Woo Hoooo nothing i have read - thank you so much. I am going to figure out a way to pay it forward soon, I promise - thanks again :-D

Charmed said...

Lizz: Ohhhh....the pancake in the silverware drawer was on one of them I watched. I watched so many of them last night, I lost track.

I love Scrubs, it's like an old friend.

And I love to say "frick a stick on a brick!"

Charmed said...

Sara: I am glad you received the books! I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

PS. I always use receipts or or gum wrappers as my book if you find anything weird stuck in the books, you can just throw it away! tee hee

Lizz said...

dearest Charmed! Just letting you know you have been awarded!
Enjoy, my friend Oscar!

ummmhello said...

Ok, the picture won't come up, but if this is a Scrubs reference, I totally *heart* you.
If it's not, then umm... well.... what the hell else would it be?!