Friday, October 23, 2009

Friday Football Hawtie!

Ladies, I am sorry I have been falling short in my Friday Football hawties posts. But now that the honeymoon is over...I am back!

And today and I am giving you a double dose of hotness....

Eli and Peyton Manning

They are just so cute, I want to put them both in my pocket!!


joe said...

Whenever I look in a full-length mirror, that's what I see looking back at me. It's a male thing. Women see their flaws, we see that we have none. That's how we roll.

JennyMac said...

Peyton also cracks me up. Great sense of humor in the family. Is the older brother good looking? I have never seen a pic.

Joe's comment cracked me up.

Charmed said...

Joe: Maybe you should be C & D's next Friday Football Hottie! Did you ever play?

JM: I am not sure about the other Manning brother, I am sure he is cute as a button too. And yes, I love Peyton's sense of humor as well.

Anonymous said...

The oldest brother is sooooo cute :)