Wednesday, September 30, 2009

What defines you?

I'm currently reading Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox. The first chapter starts with the laborious steps Fox must endure every morning just to get out of bed. A simple task for some, but not for him. Fox has turned his diagnosis with PD into a valiant campaign to find a cure for this disease.

As I learn more about the fight Fox has led to find a cure for Parkinson's, I wonder about the purpose in my own life. Am I meant to be more than a mother, an accountant, a daughter, a wife?

Why do we so often define ourselves by our occupations. Wouldn't it be liberating if you could define yourself by your dream occupation? Be who you want to be, not who your paycheck says you are. The ugly truth is we all live our daily lives with the cards that are dealt for us. But, what happens when you are dealt a really crappy hand?

I sometimes wonder if there is something bigger waiting for me? If so, how do I begin to find it?

When you think of Michael J. Fox, what comes to mind? Alex P Keaton, Back to the Future or his fight with Parkinson's?

What will you be remembered for? What will I be remembered for?


Melanie's Randomness said...

I give Michael J Fox soo much credit. I think of Back to the future, Spin City & the 80's movie Teen Wolf. I saw him on the Actor's Studio and he was such an inspiration. Poor guy. They say from working too hard his Parkinson's came on early. I'd love to how the book is.

ummmhello said...

I love this post :) Big questions you're posing here. One of the things I love about MJF is that he refuses to be defined by Parkinson's, but doesn't hide it, either.
I can't be defined by my job. I do what I do (for now, at least) to pay the bills. What I do for "free" is my volunteer work. That time I spend pouring my heart into things that I believe in, things that will help others, I hope that is some measure of who I am. Being a mom, a wife...I can be defined that way, too - because those are the things I strive to be the best at.