Friday, September 18, 2009

Friday Football Hawtie!

It's Friday again!!

Time for another FFH.

Today's eye candy is...DeMarcus Ware sexy is a man with a baby???? How SEXY is your man with a baby? Well, that would be your man holding YOUR baby and not some other ho's baby. But...I think you know what I mean.



erin said...

Am I horrible that all I think of is that baby pooping on him?
I wonder if he would drop the baby?
Probably wouldn't be so hot then...

The Peach Tart said...

I love the contrast of big and small and dark and light. Great photo.

Charmed said...

erin: I can honestly say that NEVER entered my mind. ha ha ha

TPT: Yes, it is a very nice picture. I bet his wife LOVES it!

Lizz said...

Any man with a baby just adds like 98% cuteness to them, I think that may be why single men baby sit there friends and family's babys... What's a fun day at the park if you can't pick up a girl?