Friday, September 11, 2009

Alexander J.R. Napier

Eight years ago today, 2,974 innocent people were killed in a senseless act of violence. Countless bloggers have joined Project 2,996 to remember each of the individuals that perished on that horrible day.

I have the honor of remembering Alexander J.R. Napier. He was 38, and was married with three small children. He was from the town of Morris Township, NJ, and worked with Aon Corp, and worked in the World Trade Tower.

I did not know anyone personally who was lost on 9/11, but I can remember how emotionally raw and drained I felt and how much I cried the days following the tragedy. I can't even begin to imagine how family member's deal with their loss.

On our recent trip to New York, Dunnski and I had the privilege of visiting St. Paul's Chapel, which is a 9/11 Memorial to the weeks after the tragedy. It is truly a place of peace and God's grace.

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Little Ms Blogger said...

What a great project and a wonderful way to remember the victims of 9/11.

I was fortunate and not knowing a soul who died because of this tragedy. The one person I knew who worked in The Towers was late to work that day.

Sometimes it's good to sleep in.