Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Okay guys.....I have one question for you....

Would you?

The only reason I am asking...I was listening to Czabe and the boys today on FOX radio and this was a MAJOR topic of discussion.

Pumpkin Project...

As we dropped off the little one at the YMCA this morning, I saw the cutest little pumpkins the kids had made with brown paper lunch bags. So darling, I had to share....

This cute kids' paper bag pumpkin craft is perfect for table decorations or, if filled with candy, a great party treat bag. They are easy to make with simple supplies for a fun Halloween craft for kids.

What you'll need:

  • 1 brown paper lunch bag
  • Acrylic paint: orange and leaf green
  • Paintbrush
  • ¼ sheet brown construction paper
  • 6- 12” pieces of green raffia
  • Scissors

How to make it:

  1. Paint the outside of the lunch bag with orange paint.
  2. Paint the inside, top portion of the bag with leaf green paint. (See photo.)
  3. Paint a second coat of orange paint on the bag, only this time, paint the top outside portion with the leaf green-colored paint.
  4. When paint is completely dry, fringe the green section of the bag with your scissors, strips should be approximately ½” – 1” wide.
  5. Fill bag with crumpled newspaper (if using as a decoration) or candy and treats.
  6. Gather top of bag with your hand and tie a piece of raffia around it, just below the green section.
  7. Continue tying pieces of green raffia around the neck of the bag until all of it has been used.
  8. Cut a 1.5” wide strip of brown construction paper and roll up into a tube. Insert the tube of paper into the center of the green portion of the bag as the stem. If these bags are used as decoration, you can glue the stem in place.


  • To reuse these decorations at Halloween, add faces as jack-o'-lanterns by gluing on yellow construction paper facial features.
  • If using these as party bags, you may want to grab all raffia pieces together and tie them into one knot to make them easier to remove rather than ripping the bag open.
  • To give the bags some weight, especially if they will be displayed outside, add a cup of sand or clean cat litter to the bottom of the bag before adding the crumpled newspaper.

What defines you?

I'm currently reading Always Looking Up, by Michael J. Fox. The first chapter starts with the laborious steps Fox must endure every morning just to get out of bed. A simple task for some, but not for him. Fox has turned his diagnosis with PD into a valiant campaign to find a cure for this disease.

As I learn more about the fight Fox has led to find a cure for Parkinson's, I wonder about the purpose in my own life. Am I meant to be more than a mother, an accountant, a daughter, a wife?

Why do we so often define ourselves by our occupations. Wouldn't it be liberating if you could define yourself by your dream occupation? Be who you want to be, not who your paycheck says you are. The ugly truth is we all live our daily lives with the cards that are dealt for us. But, what happens when you are dealt a really crappy hand?

I sometimes wonder if there is something bigger waiting for me? If so, how do I begin to find it?

When you think of Michael J. Fox, what comes to mind? Alex P Keaton, Back to the Future or his fight with Parkinson's?

What will you be remembered for? What will I be remembered for?

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Chocolate brown, lime green and Anthony Bourdain in the buff...

I bought tickets for us to see Anthony Bourdain speak at the Kentucky Center last Friday night. We were taking clothes to work to change into before dinner and the show.

Friday morning Dunnski and I were getting ready for work, while he was shaving, and I was getting out of the shower, this was the conversation that followed...

Charmed: Hey, don't wear your brown dress with the lime green sash tonight...that is what I will be wearing.

Dunnski: Damn...

Charmed: Wow, that would've been embarrassing!

Dunnski: I was planning on wearing brown pants and a green shirt, though....

Charmed: Ohhh...we will look sooooo cute!

Dunnski: I think I'll pick out something else.

Charmed: Why?????

Dunnski: We're NOT going on Dancing with the Stars......

Japanese Porn and Word Verification...

I have put this off long enough...but my posts are being bombarded by Japanese porn.


I have always been aggravated with word verification, on any website. But, starting today, when you leave me a will have to type a word verification to prove to me that you are not JAPANESE PORN!!!!!!!

Thank you and come again....

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quote of the Day...

"I would rather have a rectal examination on live TV by a fellow with cold hands than have a Facebook page."

-George Clooney

Friday, September 18, 2009

The Fixer Upper

A good read...but IMHO a 432 page book should NEVER have 65 chapters.

After her boss in a high-powered Washington public relations firm is caught in a political scandal, fledgling lobbyist Dempsey Jo Killebrew is left almost broke, unemployed, and homeless. Out of options, she reluctantly accepts her father's offer to help refurbish Birdsong, the old family place he recently inherited in Guthrie, Georgia. All it will take, he tells her, is a little paint and some TLC to turn the fading Victorian mansion into a real-estate cash cow.

But, oh, is Dempsey in for a surprise when she arrives in Guthrie. "Bird Droppings" would more aptly describe the moldering Pepto Bismol-pink dump with duct-taped windows and a driveway full of junk. There's also a murderously grumpy old lady, one of Dempsey's distant relations, who has claimed squatter's rights and isn't moving out. Ever.

Furthermore, everyone in Guthrie seems to know Dempsey's business, from a smooth-talking real-estate agent to a cute lawyer who owns the local newspaper. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't for the pesky FBI agents who show up on Dempsey's doorstep, hoping to pry information about her ex-boss from her.

All Dempsey can do is roll up her sleeves and get to work. And before long, what started as a job of necessity somehow becomes a labor of love and, ultimately, a journey that takes her to a place she never expected--back home again.

Friday Football Hawtie!

It's Friday again!!

Time for another FFH.

Today's eye candy is...DeMarcus Ware sexy is a man with a baby???? How SEXY is your man with a baby? Well, that would be your man holding YOUR baby and not some other ho's baby. But...I think you know what I mean.


I would like to say that Beyonce had one of the best vidoes of all time!!!!

With that said...I now feel like I can humbly accept this wonderful blog award from my bloggin buddy Sara over at Sara's Organized Chaos. Thank you so much Sara...You Rawk!!!

I love my little blog, it is my outlet, the canvas for my mind to throw up all the thoughts I need to get out of my ADD brain.

Now, this award, DOES have strings attached. I thought about cutting those strings, but that's not very fun, so I am tying a pretty bow in them.

The strings attached:

1. Thank the person who nominated you for this award.
2. Copy the logo and place it on your blog.
3. Link to the person who nominated you for this award.
4. Name 7 things about yourself that people might not know.
5. Nominate 7 Kreativ Bloggers.
6. Post links to the 7 blogs you nominate.
7. Leave a comment on each of the blogs letting them know they have been nominated.

Here are the 7 things about me people might not know....

1. I love ketchup on potato chips
2. I am an introvert, I work best when given a task and left alone
3. I have a crush on Harry Potter
4. I'm not a very good speller
5. I have never been to the KY Derby
6. I don't like to grocery shop alone
7. I was born at Camp Lejeune in North Carolina

Here are the 8 blogs I nominate for a Kreativ Blogger Award

1. Bourbonmama @ Bourbon in my bottle
2. Fiona @ The Eyes Have It
3. Greta130@ Did I Say That Out Loud?
4. Gypsydoodlebug @ Mandyland
5. Michelle @ So Wonderful, So Marvelous
6. Midwest Mommy @ Mommy From the Midwest
7. E @ The Perkster
8. Ummmhello @ Life As a Momma

Great blogs Ladies!!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is it just me?

Or does it bother anyone else when you are driving down the road minding your own damn business and the radio station your listening to plays a commercial with a police or ambulance siren?


It gets me every time! I get that funny feeling in my stomach and my eyes dart to my rear view mirror. And, then, I always feel stupid!

In my humble opinion, this is not safe. I would like to know how many accidents have been caused by drivers who have swerved thinking there was an ambulance with a dying child in the back trying to get around them?!?!?!?!

Thousand Word Thursday...

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am this boy is NOT my son....OR my teenage daughters boyfriend.


Don't forget to sign up!!

Monday is the day two winners will be drawn!!

Click here to read the rules for my first book give away.

HEY...where is the cheesy mustache???


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

I am a sick, sick puppy...

I just had a 12 boxes of Count Chocula delivered from Amazon...124.8 ounces of chocolaty goodness and crunchy marshmallows! Mmmmm.....

And what is it with those crunchy little marshmallows? I am not really a marshmallow fan, but those crunchy little ones in cereal and hot chocolate packets are the best! And, what a deal at $1.82 a box WITH free shipping...I am gonna get my cereal on when I get home!

Random thoughts...

*I pull my hair up a lot in ponytails. I have noticed in the last couple of days the hair along the nape of my neck is too short to pull into my ponytail. This is strange to me because last week the hair WAS long enough to pull up into a ponytail. Even stranger, I haven't had a haircut. WTH? is going on? Is Dunnski chopping away at my golden locks while I am sleeping?

*I had an appointment for a relaxing massage yesterday. Two minutes into my rubdown, I realized this was not going to be a relaxing 60 minutes. From the information that I had scribbled onto the paperwork in the lobby...the therapist decided I needed a trigger point massage. Holy Hell...I cannot tell you the number of times I wanted to cry while laying face down naked on that table.

*And what the hell is up with this guy? You know, I am sorry that you lost your job and everything. should have thought about that before you beat the shit out of your girlfriend and she had to obtain a restraining order against your sorry ass! I think your behavior after not being allowed to watch Monday Night Football with the general population of the Hart County Jail...says A LOT about your character.

*Why is the work on my desk at work multiplying like bunnies? Or should I say dragonflies??

*I am getting really tired of picking up our 10 yr old from her elementary school after work at the after school YMCA only to find out that the water has been turned off all day to the building. I have called the Health Department, only to be told that the water is back on. D' is back on when I call the DAY AFTER!! It is easy for the HD to say everything is OK, when they don't have parents calling the day the water is off! Plastic cups are placed over the drinking faucets and the children are given milk and juice to drink at the YMCA. That is not my issue. Sanitation is my issue! I have been told that they are given hand sanitizer to use after potty breaks. Am I crazy or should I be worried about this???

Nature is a beautiful thing...

I am trying to lose weight.

So, I go on a couple of quick walks on the path around work every day. On my walk this morning, I was strolling along enjoying the cool air and listening to the leaves crunch under my feet. I just happened to look down and I saw something on the pant leg of my jeans. Upon closer inspection, this is what I saw....

OMG! Two dragonflies making a sandwich on my leg! I jumped a little and knocked them off...GEEEZZZ (get a room!) I continued to walk and looked down again and they were BACK! WTF! I knocked them off again, and they immediately jumped back up on my pant leg. OKAY...I am not a skeezy dragonfly motel! I quickly walked over to a tree and shook them off and they flew to the tree stump. Whew....thank goodness!

I continued around my path and when I came back to the tree where I had deposited the horny little insects...I noticed, THEY WERE STILL THERE!

Who knew dragonflies had such mojo?

A football series every woman can enjoy...

Chicago Stars Series (book 1) - It Had To Be You

First in Phillips' series of linked novels featuring members of the Chicago Stars football team. Phoebe Somerville has masqueraded as a bimbo for years. Now, with her father's death, she stands to inherit the Stars, if she can just win the American Football Conference championship. Unfortunately, she clashes early on with Dan Calebow, the coach. Each is everything the other despises--until they finally discover something in common: their very intense passion for each other.

Chicago Stars Series (book 2) - Heaven, Texas

Sent to locate former football star Bobby Tom Denton and get him to the set of his first movie, straitlaced Gracie Snow finds herself in the hands of a charmer who is determined to make her over.

Chicago Stars Series (book 3) - Nobody's Baby But Mine

Physicist and genius Dr. Jane Darlington's childhood did little to prepare her for what she really wanted in life--a baby. A chance to seduce a star quarterback--surely a man with an IQ to balance hers and assure her child of a more normal intelligence and life--sets up this humorous romance. Unfortunately, Cal Bonner is anything but the dumb jock Sane seeks. When he learns she's pregnant, he forces marriage, with the promise of a quick divorce later, so that the child will be legitimate. A trip to Bonner's hometown in the North Carolina mountains, where they are faced with his parent's own marital problems, provides the impetus for the marriage of necessity to grow into a marriage of love, as Cal learns to see beyond his life in football and Jane opens up to love and family for the first time in her life.

Chicago Stars Series (book 4) - Dream A Little Dream

Rachel, a single mother and widow of a televangelist who stole 5 million dollars, is an outcast, but she gets a new chance when she meets Gabriel, who gives her a job and romance.

Chicago Stars Series (book 5) - This Heart of Mine

Take a children's book illustrator, who's a bit down on her luck, add a handsome quarterback from the Chicago Stars, and throw in a search for a birth mother.

Chicago Stars Series (book 6) - Match Me if You Can

Anabelle Granger endeavors to promote her grandmother's matchmaking business by landing sports agent Heath Champion as a client, an effort that is challenged by Heath's arrogant nature and Annabelle's own unexpected feelings.

Chicago Stars Series (book 7) - Natural Born Charmer

Taking to the road between seasons, attractive Chicago Stars quarterback Dean Robillard meets the beautiful and infuriating Blue under unusual circumstances and draws on his competitive skills to overcome her wariness of relationships.