Tuesday, July 21, 2009

More 'You Suck at Craiglist' WTF????

I really, really, really feel sorry for this first dude.

And just so you know, I made NO grammatical changes to these entries....

Young Bachelor in Need

Hello my son is 24 and moving into his very first own place today. He just came out of a nasty relationship and is a bachelor. I am with my husband who is a truck driver and we will not be home for two weeks to help. He has no furniture, and any good clean furniture would be appreciated as well as household items including fans ,blankets pots, pans etc that no one needs anymore. He can pick up. ( Pictures, comic books old dvds that will keep him busy and u no longer need dvd player anything). He works full time so he is not a slouch, its just rough for young people, and I am not home to help him move or set him up so i feel bad. We are not asking for charity. He can work for good furniture or work out a payment schedule if the items are cheap and things he likes and needs. He is a good boy. He has no bed or living room couch or chair at all and no blankets or fans. I am sure any food donations would also be appreciated. Likewise, I often help others in need and will reciprocate to any person I can help. Thank You and God Bless. Please email xxxxxxxxxxx@yahoo.com or call xxx xxx xxxx. His name is Tony.

The sad thing about the following posts....

someone probably answered them.

i wont to sell my sperm - 25

hight 6′4”
weight 290 lbs
eyes green
hair dirty blond
no helth problems in family
decient lookin young man in need of
a little cash do to hard times i have three
beautie kids now will send a pic only if really interrested
if you decide to make a purches 200$ per cup
no inter corse required donation will be provided in a cup at your choice of location
100 when we meet the the other 100 after you geet the goods contact me at xxxxxxxx_56@yahoo.com
thanx and have a good day

sperm donor - 30

I would like to offer my hepl to you get a baby.
I dont need sex I only want to help
5 years without alcohol 4 no tobacco.
healtly. and so handsome.
if you want I send you a pic.
anyway I want only to help.
my dream is to be father this mean that Im open to a relationship.
get married and every thing about love.


Lets get pregnant!

I want at least 20 kids, all under one roof, so don’t be the jealous type, one women couldn’t do that, even if she could it’d take 20 years, unless she used in-vetro to have multiple, multiple births, which I would never let happen with my sperm. My sperm will be planted in someone who is all natural and will be birthed naturally(if all goes well), then breast fed for 2 years, preferably on a homestead out in the country.

What in the hell is wrong with people????????????



Organic Meatbag said...

So seriously, you would never hook up with a spirm dohnr on Craigslist?? I'm sure it would be nothing but the highest quality!

joe said...

Words fail me...
.. and that doesn't happen very often..

joe said...

... but if I were to say something, I'd be willing to sell for just $100 a cup. I'm not proud..

Fiona said...

The mind boggles....

greta130 said...

heh. heh. he said "hard times" ...

Charmed said...

I wonder if some of these posts are fake.

I mean, I understand some men would actually sell a cup of their junk for money on the street if times were (excuse the pun) hard enough.

Melinda Zook said...

Holy smokes...what is up with some people! That last one kills me..really WTF!