Thursday, July 16, 2009

L.A in pictures...

Our recent trip to L.A. was great! The weather was perfect, the food was delicious and the beach was beautiful. I think I could live in California, I could get used to the perfect weather and the fresh fruit and veggies. We were able to visit two Farmers Markets, one that is held every Sunday and another very popular one that is open every day at 3rd and Fairfax, The Original Farmers Market. This farmers market is believed to be the place that James Dean had his last meal before his fatal car crash in 1955. If ever in L.A., you must stop by The Original Farmers Market, you won't be disappointed.

It started off with a bang with a free upgrade to a Ford Mustang Convertible from Hertz.

Go Hertz! Go Hertz!

I think this car was made for me...wouldn't you say??

On our first night in L.A. we dined at Tom Colicchio's restaurant, Craft.

In Malibu on a pier after dinner on the beach.

I wasn't sure we would be able to find MJ's star, but it wasn't to hard to pick his out of the crowd.

Sunday night, we saw Jenny Lewis and Ray LaMontange at the Rose Bowl. WAY COOL!

If you look REALLY HARD you can see the 'Hollywood' sign in the upper right hand corner of the picture, in the middle of the mountains.

The following pictures are from our hotel, it was very SEXY!

This was the picture in the hotel lobby. OWWWWWW!!!!!!!!


The pool was so relaxing. The red wall in the back behind the pool was a peaceful.

The headboard in our room. Another one of the headboards was the same lady leaning on a bed raising her dress with a very nice shot of her legs and thighs.

Dunnski taking a spin in one of the super chic chairs in the lobby.


Organic Meatbag said...

Awesome...very awesome.... EXCEPT: What kind of hotel were you and Dunnski staying in??? Was this like some odd Maplethorpe or Abercromie & Fitch themed hotel? Complimentary leather hoods in the morning?

Charmed said...

Only in L.A.....

Ohhhh....and I forgot to mention the complimentary handcuffs and blindfolds they gave us at check-in.


bonsairick said...

Super-cool Mustang and the food looks INCREDIBLE! Did Mandy help you find that hotel? That's the kind of places she finds. The one she found for her and Bill and me in New York was really cool, but it was so damn dark in there I kept walking into the walls. Sue and I are going to San Francisco next month - Mandy, of course, found us a great Japanese boutique hotel - $200/night and we get to sleep on a bamboo mat on the floor! Cool!

Dunnski Love said...

Rick - went with Hotwire for this trip. If it's a city I know well I like to pick the place myself, but somewhere new...what the heck. Besides, you can find sites that almost can guarantee what the "mystery" hotel will be based on the neighborhood and amenities. Takes some of the risk out if it.

greta130 said...

Very nice ... Loved the hotel. Now that's my kind of place!

bonsairick said...

Dunnski: good shooting, Tex! The hotel looks great. Had a bad experience with Expedia couple years ago and that turned me off about those services like Hotwire. Expedia flat-out screwed me out of $50. They "promised" literally, to take care of the situation twice when I called, (spoken in East Indian pigeon-English that I couldn't understand): "Oh, so sorry, Meester Dogter-tree. We tel really good care uv det right away!". They didnt, of course and then quit responding to my emails - period. They did, however, send me an obnoxiously yellow luggage tag the size of a small flying saucer with Expedia emblazened all over it - it went in the trash with great pleasure.

Went to Phoenix one time too and the hotel we'd booked was mysteriously full but they graciously put us up in a dump across the street.

But in all fairness, never used Hotwire. Will have to look into that.

Moral of story: BEWARE EXPEDIA.

Melinda Zook said...

Those pics are crazy...definitely a different world than the east coast!! And I think a convertible definitely suits you. I keep hoping one day to get myself one of those but unfortunately, it will be a few years so renting ones on vaca is a good idea.