Wednesday, June 24, 2009

What in the hell?!

Last night the girls are out on the back porch tending to a stray cat that has been hanging around the backyard. She was very hungry and in much need of some attention. About 20 minutes after they went outside, our youngest bolts inside yelling that there is the biggest bug she has EVER SEEN on the porch and we need to come see it!! Well, of course, our first reaction was "if you don't bother the bug, the bug won't bother you."

She hesitates a moment, then decides to rejoin her sister. After a few more minutes, the oldest comes in and tells me she needs a weapon that she is going to behead the bug. Ummm...whaaaa???

So, Dunnski and I HAVE to see this bug....RIGHT??? I mean, wouldn't you want to check out a bug that your daughter feels she needs to behead! We step out out on the porch and the first thing we see is a wasp. Hmmm...I'm thinking if she can catch and behead a wasp, more power to her.

THEN....Dunnski turns around and this creature is stuck to the bricks of the house......

Check out the pincher's on this thing!!

We played with it a while by poking it with a broom handle then we put in a coffee can and showed it to the family around the farm. We thought we had found some kind of rare or extinct breed of land crustacean. But after some googling, we found out it is a giant stag beetle, read more about the stag beetle here.

Who knew?


Organic Meatbag said...

Damn! That thing looks like it should be called "The Mangler"... I would have freaked out too...

Respect your DIVAS! said...


Charmed said...


We felt like we should turn it in to science...until we googled it and found out it was JUST a beetle.