Thursday, June 25, 2009

She keeps us on my toes...

Our youngest is always coming up with something hysterical, here are just a few of her latest.

We were getting ready for work and school one morning and she came in the bathroom disgusted and looked at me and said, "Look at my face, I am starting to get active!" After choking back my laughter, I had to tell her she meant to say "acne".

She likes her room tidy and to do that she will stuff her closet full of her stuff (and anywhere else she can find a free space). A couple of weekends ago she told me that she had promised her closet she wouldn't put anything else in it.

The light bulb in the basement stairwell was out. She told Dunnski the basement stairs was "out of light".

Last night at dinner she said her sister was looking at her "papisisously". Not, suspiciously.

She called me at work yesterday to tell me she got something out of her ear and it was white and looked like a leaf. I asked her to show it to her sister and see what she though....she then said, "I did and she said eewwww!!" She just wanted me to confirm to her she wasn't going to die.

Dunnski came in from his softball game Monday night and went in her room to kiss her goodnight. She was already half asleep, so when he startled her, she said "Oh, I blacked out there for a minute. My eyes were open but I couldn't here anything...." Dunnski quickly replied, "Sweetie, you were probably just asleep."

She was on the computer one night last week before dinner talking with one of her friends. She was getting very frustrated and kept yelling directions over and over to her friend. We could not figure out what she was trying to do. It wasn't long that dinner was done and then she went outside to play. Dunnski went in the office to turn off the computer and found what she had been googling and how it was spelled...."how to tell if a boy likes u". Tee Hee!

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