Wednesday, May 13, 2009


A big shout out to Jera for grabbing me Arby's for lunch today.

It was TOTALLY worth the lung transplant that I needed after coming back up the stairs earlier.

Curly Fries for Class President!!!


Organic Meatbag said...

OK, who here remembers when (and I'm going waaaaaay the hell back here, like very early 80's), when Arbys also had a hamburger and a taco on their menu??? I know somebody besides me has to remember least, the one on Dixie Highway had them...

Charmed said...

Ummm...are you thinking about the Green Burrito that used to be half of Rally's?

Jerasphere said...

i live to serve. one of your office mates kinda gave me a strange look when i told her i was coming to the 3rd floor. she commented that i don't work on the 3rd floor (good thing she told me that otherwise i would still be looking for my desk) she gave me an odder look when i told her i was just passing through delivering the future mrs dunn her lunch. then i scurried back to my little dark corner.

ps... you know we have an elevator, right?

Charmed said...

Ha Ha..yes, I know we have an elevator. You are too funny.

I like that...the future Mrs. Dunn.

tee hee