Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just give me the *beep* damn it!

Does this annoy anyone else? Or is it just me??

I call my daughters cell phone.

She first has a ring tone, and a lady with a nice voice that says "please enjoy the music while we dial your party". So, I have to listen to a song until she doesn't answer and then voice mail picks up.

I am then forced to listen to a retarded voice mail that my daughter and her immature friends have left on her phone that annoys me more than the song I had to listen to, to get to the V-mail. After the message, the nice lady tells me if I want to continue and leave a message, to press 2. WTF? I have come this far...why would I give up now!? She also tells me if I want to do something else to press 1, but I am usually not listening and yelling by this point, so I have no clue what this is.

What happened to the good ole days?

What happened to "Leave a message at the beep...BEEP."???????????????????

Why is it so difficult to leave someone a voice mail nowadays? Yes, I just said "nowadays", and it felt GOOD!

True story. I googled "cell phone voice mail"...and the picture below came up. Hmmmmm.....I don't want to know...


Midwest Mommy said...

Um, what the heck does that picture have to do with it, lol.

bonsairick said...

SEE! It's the cats that leave the lid up, not the men! Bad Toilet Kitty, bad.