Friday, May 01, 2009

Tourniquets and Epidurals...

I have been getting epidural blocks in my neck to try to relieve the pain from three compressed discs. I found this nifty little narration online if you would like to see what actually happens during a Cervical Epidural Steroid Block. The only thing the video fails to mention is the nice little shot they give you right before the procedure to put you into conscious sedation.

Click here, it isn't bloody or gorey. Although, speaking of blood, when the nurse put my IV in this morning, she left the tourniquet on while she was searching for a vein. WELL, when she found it, she forgot to loosen it and all the blood backed up in my vein and shot all over her and the room.

Good times, good times.


bonsairick said...

Un-conscious sedation is a waste of good sedation.

Get to feeling better!

Charmed said...

Rick, I totally agree!

Weeee....Woah, did you see that unicorn?????