Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I settled in with my laptop last night to catch my weekly dose of drunken train wreck I like to call American Idol. It began with Ryan, gag me with a spoon, Seacrest announcing the music genre for the night would be Rat Pack. Hmmm....I think to myself, who might be the featured artist to mentor the young contestants? Michael Buble? Diana Krall? Tony Bennett?

A camera shot then shows a limo pulling up outside and guess who climbs out?

Jamie Foxx.


Jamie Foxx...Rat Pack? Cause you know, everytime I hear Kayne West "Golddigger"....I think of Rat Pack.

Ohhh wait...Jamie has a new movie that has just been released, could this have anything to do with his appearance?

As I post this entry Adam has made it again through the bottom three. I must ask, how many personalities does that kid have? And why does he have to stick his tongue out when he sings? It's really gross. He needs to stop doing that, I mean really! NOT attractive.


Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right about Jaime Foxx. He is only into himself and certainly not a mentor. He irritates me. Michael B. would have been soooo much better.

Also right on about the
"snake-like" tongue thrusting of Adam. It's becoming his trademark.

Doc-ily Hock-ily

Charmed said...

Hi Dr. L

Thanks for posting a comment on my blog.

Have a great day and hope you stop by again soon!