Wednesday, April 08, 2009

These things are power!

Dunnski, Greta and I went to lunch today and then ran to Walgreen's after we ate. Greta loves the 'As Seen on TV' items and she easily swayed me into the aisle to check out the array of mostly Billy Mayes gadgets. We had a rather long discussion of whether or not the Silky Smooth would actually work, and if it did, how long would you actually remain hairless?

Then...we saw it. The answer to all our problems. The Strap Perfect! Thankfully, this was a bonus pack that contained 2 of each color, so we were able to buy one box and split them.

In the car on the way back to work, we both installed our new plastic concealer clips thus enhancing our bustiness to proportions never seen before. We can now wear our most sluttiest shirts to work with a bra. What a great day!

I must say again...these things are power!

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MariaG097 said...

My older sister and I did the same thing! I love mine...Instead of having C's...I have almost D's!!! =)