Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Term of the Day...

Budgetball - active sport of quick passes, tough defense, and bold comebacks designed to increase awareness of the national debt and reward strategic thinking and collaborative problem-solving around the issues of fiscal responsibility.


RahX said...

Ha! That actually sounds fun. Reminds me of my elementary school days being the champion of "Fluffball". It was basically dodgeball with various size/weight balls of yarn just heavy enough to get good speed with a throw and not hurt. I nailed the final 3 guys in my last year "championship" game of it to win. I was the hero of the day.

/glorious memory

Charmed said...

Glad I could help you remember a great memory!

I think in this game we should throw our checkbooks instead of balls at our opponents. What do you think? OR a really heavy calculator!!