Thursday, April 09, 2009

RIP David Ernspiker

Thursday nights at Two Lane will never be the same.


Chris said...

Nor Tuesdays at RPlace. RIP Dave.

Anonymous said...

You will be so missed. Loved to hear you play. You were the most natural musician I've had the pleasure of knowing. You're guitar was an extension of you. You were a beautiful man and I will never forget you.RIP Dave.


Bro David... I will miss your talent. I will miss your voice, your expressions and your passion to play. Your style was awesome. You with the rest of the band raised the roof of the venue many times no matter where the Big Rock Show played. You had an enormous heart and it showed when we talked in the past and a sense of humor that would make me laugh so hard. Even though I didn't make evey gig the band played, when I did, I made up for it because you all played my kind of music and I love to Rock & Roll & Party! I loved the songs you did at the Heart Of Fire. You and Dan could make a church song sound like no one else. Yes I could go on and on my Bro, but I don't have to because anyone one who knew you already knows what I'm saying and they have there awesome things to say also. So Bro Dave... You may be in Heaven STANDING on the stage preforming for the Lord from now on, but you will always be with us here too in our hearts and never forgotten. I love ya Bro. Rest In Peace Bro David. I'll see ya again one day.
Your Friend & Bro,
Filthy Phil