Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The dumbest thing I did today...

J. Gumbo's was offering their entrees for $1 today between 11am and 9pm. They were calling it a "Stimulus Plan for the Taste Buds".

Let me tell you what they should have called it...."Let's make sure we have enough staff to feed everyone in the East End (at one time) and place a limit of 2 per customer, Stimulus Plan for the Taste Buds!!!"

When we arrived, there were only a handful of people in line in front of us. Hmmm...not bad. We ordered and than we sat...and sat....and sat...and watched the line grow out the door. When people who came in after us started to get their food, we had problems. It also didn't help that you had people coming in getting 10 or more entrees, one guy had 20, to feed their entire office staff. Can you say douche? This is clearly taking advantage, can you just not come in and get yourself a cheap lunch?!?!?! Once our food did arrive, the rice was not cooked. But, how do you complain when the food was almost free?

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