Thursday, April 16, 2009

Better late than never...vacation post.

A couple of weeks ago, Dunnski and I headed to Atlanta with the kiddo's. We had an awesome time! We stayed with Dunnski's brother and SIL, Scott and Lynn, and they were great, treated us like family and all, and even let us sleep in the house!

We went to an Atlanta Thrashers hockey game the first night we were there. I wasn't sure our 'girly' girls were going to like it, but they proved me wrong. They are now hockey fans and want to play hockey! But they will first have to learn to ice skate. Lynn scored us some SWEET tickets in the V.I.P section, so we had a suite for the night to view the game from. I must say, I did feel like royalty, especially when two tween girls mistook me for Carrie Underwood. I know, I know, what you are DO look like Carrie!!

Ha, Ha...not really. Well, maybe back in her Idol days when she was still chubby. I can see why they were confused, we were in the V.I.P section and Carrie is dating a guy from the Thrashers you can see, it was an honest mistake.

This is my favorite picture of the trip...the girls are crazy about Dunnski, and he is crazy about them. As a mommy and soon to be wife, it makes my heart smile.

We of course hit the shopping malls and did some damage. We also toured the Georgia Aquarium and The World of Coke, which I would recommend to anyone who will be in the Atlanta area. At the end of The World of Coke Tour, you can taste the different versions of Coke products from different countries/continents. I have to say that Africa was the one I disliked the most, and Latin America was the tastiest.

The Coca Cola Bear was REALLY I was going to have to go with her, but at the last minute he sat down, so she decided she was brave enough to go by herself, but the only problem was, she didn't give us enough time to take the picture. I am not even sure the bear knew she was gone...with a flip of her collar...she quickly made her escape!

This is one of the many "smile and act like you like your sister!" pictures...

We also visited the Atlanta Zoo, it was "Got Milk Day" at the zoo so I received a free 5-minute massage, it was the best!

Here we have two baby gorilla's playing on a rock....they were sooo cute!

Here we have two brothers trying to act cool....

Oh, and the youngest was able to save a ton of money on her car insurance...


bonsairick said...

Great looking family!

I FINALLY figured out WHO Dunnski LOOKS like!!!! Dunnski looks like the lead guitarist for Genesis, Mike Rutherford. Except Mike's probably about 60 by now.


In a young sort of way - Dunnski looks like Mike but in a young sort of way.

kristi said...

hockey is fun! I love it when they slam into the wall!