Wednesday, March 04, 2009

It's no wonder I have grey hairs...

this morning I laid out an outfit for our 9 year old for school. She quickly told me she didn't want to wear what I chosen for her because it was not 'appealing enough'. I am not sure who she is trying to appeal in the 3rd grade...but she wore my unappealing outfit to school anyway.

This evening after dinner, she asked me how hard it was for me to wash my clothes in the creek on a washboard when I was little. I smiled at her and told her washing machines had been invented several years before I was even born. She said "really?" Talk about making someone feel OLD!


greta130 said...

No she di'nt!

bonsairick said...

I used to describe my life simply:

- 3 teenage daugherts
- 1 wife
- 1 tiny bathroom in a small house.

Oh, God, I drank a lot.

Cole Buzan said...

Smile. Who gave her the spunky attitude? That attitude will help her build the kind of identity that will cause young boys to hide, cry and beg for your approval. You will always be # 1 with her.