Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Don't make the President angry...

Yesterday, in a speech which was intended to launch initiatives to help small businesses deal with the economic crisis, President Obama strongly criticized AIG.

"All across the country, there are people who work hard and meet their responsibilities every day, without the benefit of government bailouts or multimillion-dollar bonuses," he said.

"And all they ask is that everyone, from Main Street to Wall Street to Washington, play by the same rules."

At one point in his speech, he was so angry that he was banging his fist on the podium. All I have to say is...Don't make the President angry....

And if hear one more person say Obama is doing too much too soon, I am going to scream. What exactly does it take to make some people happy? Either he is doing 'too much' or 'not enough'. He will never win in the eyes of some.

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YESH said...

GREAT PHOTO! I can do that eyebrow thing. Lots of practice.