Thursday, January 22, 2009

Woops I did it again...

I need to get better lighting in my closet. I grabbed a pair of pants this morning that I thought were black and gray. I matched it with a cute little satiny black and white short sleeve top with a black sash that tied in the back.


Until we got half way to work and I realized that my pants were actually navy and gray.

Dunnski, although did not seem to have the same degree of alarm to my realization as I did.



Fiona said...

They just don't get the horrors of mixing navy with black...and the fact we are horrified finding ourselves in that situation!!!

Did you turn around and go home to change?

Charmed said...

Umm...nope. We were about 35 minutes into our drive when I noticed my error. I suffered through it. No one seem to laugh to loud.

Dunnski Love said...

Dunnski was smart enough to know that making a big deal of it would have made Charmed insist we turn around, and Dunnski was having none of that.

Don said...

What, black and navy don't go together?