Thursday, January 22, 2009

I am NOT happy!

I searched Victoria's Secret UP and DOWN the other day for a cute bra in my, uhhhummm, fuller figure size, and I could not find anything other than something my Grandmother would wear.

So, I ask does the hoochie below get a gorgeous VS bra to fit those mamba wamba's?????

And mine are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Life is so not fair.


Fiona said...

hmmmm is there more out than in, when it comes to those cups?

I dunno hon, all I DO know is that there seems to be no such thing as pretty, sexy, supportive and SEAMLESS bras for the well-rounded and well-endowed women of the world!! (speaking as a 40F)

Charmed said...

Well I am speaking as a 38DD and I can tell you big girls wanna look pretty too!!

I refuse to buy a big ole ugly bra...I AM NOT DOING IT!

If I have too, I will start my own company making pretty bras for full figured gals.

Wanna go in business with me Fi??

Fiona said...

Amen to that sistah!!!! Once, many years ago, I visited the Queen's bramaker (that's a funny word...bra-maker...brah-makker LOL) and bought two VERY pretty pieces....granted they had three hooks at the back but darn they looked a picture ;) My boobs looked pretty damned hot too - and smaller!!!

Hell yes I want to go into business with you for pretty big boob holders....there is SO a market for them!!!

Fiona said...
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Don said...

Yeah, I didn't exactly see them holding enough up there. I won't be crying about not having that bra. But then again, I wouldn't cry about not having any bra, unless someone was filling it for me at the time...