Thursday, January 01, 2009

Good grief...

I took my girls shopping today at the mall so they could spend their Christmas gift cards and I even let them both take a friend. To my surprise, they were perfect angels, I had no problems at all out of four girls, two 13 yr olds and two 9 yr olds.

We drop off the two sisters that went with us today...and the bickering starts. I don't even remember what it was about. We get home, they are snapping at each other so I separate them. The youngest is now on the computer playing with her webkinz. She is freaking out because it is taking too long for something to load. I go in to check on her, and she has 3 other browser windows open to and they are all trying to load different things. I told her that she cannot have 4 windows open and them all trying to download pages at the same time. She, of course got mad and said she didn't open those pages. I know she didn't mean to, is her home page and she has NO PATIENCE so she clicked on the internet icon 17 times before it had a chance to boot up. She then leaves the room in tears and comes from the kitchen to tell me that the Coke from the freshly open 2-liter tastes like vomit, and that the ONLY thing she wants to eat in the house full of ready to eat food is crescent rolls that I have to cook (even tho we just had dinner). At this point, I am tying the rope to the ceiling fan that I am going to slip around my neck at any moment.

As she walks back toward the kitchen, from my bedroom, the oldest (who is in the family room) shouts a "what is your problem?" her way that makes the bride of Chuckie look like Cinderella. She comes back to the bedroom crying and flops on the bed. I banished her to her room until she dried up.

My oldest then wanders in, she got 4 vaccinations yesterday, so she is in the WORST pain of her life (except for when we were shopping today). She is crying like I did when Princess Diana's funeral was televised and her boys were following her coffin (and let me tell you...I cried for days, over a woman I didn't even know). She is complaining that she is tired and achy. But she WON'T go to bed, even though I keep telling her sleep will make her feel better. She just wants to stand in front of me and cry.

I am at my breaking point. I am rather warm so I need to turn my ceiling fan on, so the rope is now slinging across the room smacking me in the head and it passes over. I am so glad I picked up my little Natural Sounds Alarm Clock today at Target.

It is very relaxing and it will play nature sounds for up to two hours. Not bad for only $14.99. While I was at the mall, I went into Brookstone to look at their white noise machines, and they did have several. But the only problem was, I could not get any of the 7 personnel working to help me. They all wanted to wait on one man who was looking at a massage chair. Not cool.

So, I am tired of yelling. I am tired of screaming. I am going to sit in here in my bed and wait for Dunnski to get home from work so he can give me a big hug and make it all better.


Don said...

Love the license plate. Notice that it was all dinged up? That car (or the previous car it was on) was in an accident.

Good thing you have a Dunnski to help you get back to normal. Happy New Year!

Charmed said...

Yes, he is my life savior. I could not do it without him.