Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Think your house is small?

Read about this narrow house and you might change your mind...

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Don said...

There's a few apartment buildings similar this in Manhattan, but taller - they were nicknamed "sliver buildings" when they were built in the 1980's. It was a response to an overheated housing market back then, as well - tear down a smaller one- or two-story building and build something about a half-dozen stories or more in its place, but in the same width. Neighbors considered them eyesores, because they definitely didn't fit in the the character of the neighborhoods they were in, and often were taller than the surrounding buildings and obstructed their views. Eventually the city banned such buildings by requiring that a new building on an old site could be no taller than the previous structure, or, if that height was unknown, no taller than the lot was wide, unless special applications were made and approved for taller structures.

Thanks for the cool photo and article link.