Thursday, December 18, 2008

Peaceful the middle of winter.

I love this CD. I have ADHD and sometimes I need white noise to help me concentrate while working.
I found my copy at The Dollar Tree for a buck. You can also find copies on Amazon for .97 cents, I have other 'ocean sounds' CD's, but they all have the sounds of the birds or music. I was very happy to find just the sound of the water. Nothing more, nothing less.

Here is a description of the CD...
A simple recording of actual ocean surf; there is just the one track of 60 minutes in length so there is no disruption moving from one track to another. There are no extraneous sounds of birds, voices or instrumentals to complicate the lonely sounds of waves and gentle splashes from a calm ocean. These natural sounds are perfect for relaxing, sleeping, meditating, and romantic moments. Track #1, Gentle Waves.....

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