Thursday, December 11, 2008

Oy vey!

Our oldest has a band concert tonight. She only has 12 school uniform shirts with the school logo on it, but only one with the band logo on it. The one with the band logo is the shirt that is required to be worn tonight at the concert. Last night, we are tearing up her room to find this shirt. We finally find it, after she claims she has looked and it is NO WHERE in her room.

Yeah right...I have heard that one before.

So, I wash it and this morning I am putting the load in the dryer. Well, don't ask me HOW this happened. But...I grabbed a sweatshirt out of the washer and in the process of putting it in the dryer, I knocked over the bottle of fabric softener. The top just happened to not be on the bottle tight enough, so it came off in the dryer and dumped all over the wet clothes. Guess what was on the bottom of the dryer? Oh yes...the band polo. The band polo is now soaking in a pile of april fresh fabric softener in the bottom of the dryer. NOT GOOD. After I said more curse words than I think I ever have that early in the morning, I rinsed out all the softener and hung the shirt to dry.

I know one thing is for sure, she will be the freshest smelling clarinet player with the softest polo in row 1 tonight.


Anonymous said...

I'm SO glad someone else has my life...I love reading your posts!

Fiona said...

*L* my husband does the same thing with the remote control for the TV.

Not the soaking in fabric softener, thank goodness, but the whole "I looked everywhere and I can't find it" thing.

She'll certainly be soft and sweet-smelling - I picture her with a glow around her *L*

Anonymous said...

Aw man...I hear ya there. I have spilled way too many things in our laundry room. It is so cramped in there things are always falling.

At least she will be sparkling clean. Tell her good luck!