Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Major douche bag. So major, I can't believe I'm posting his pic on MY blog!

Before the election ended, the mega waste of human flesh, known as Stephen Baldwin vowed to move to Canada if Obama became president.

He now claims it was all just a joke. A joke that nobody is laughing at.

Stephen told, Page Six, "The liberal Democrats who didn't get that I was joking need to lighten up. Obama is obviously talented and intelligent, and I have great respect for the man. He's got my full support, and I'm gonna be praying for him and his administration."

Stephen went on to talk about what he would do if gay marriage ever becomes legal, "If they legalize gay marriage in all 50 states in my lifetime, I'll get a Billy Ray Cyrus tattoo on my butt to go with the Hannah Montana one."

I'm just, like, so, you know.... GONNA THROW UP!

If Stephen Baldwin and that toothbrush were the last two things on earth....I would take the toothbrush.


Midwest Mommy said...

lol, what a guy!
Some people should just learn to keep their mouths shut.

Kathy said...

Aren't all the Baldwin brothers douche bags? They all disgust me.

ummmhello said...

What a loser. He's just mad because he's "the other Baldwin brother"!

Charmed said...


"No. It's Mi Ow, she's here for a fund raiser. She is on the board."


Don said...

Stephen Balwin, and toothbrush.

"Which of these things is just like the other?
Which of these things certainly belongs?
Which of these things is just like the other?
Can you tell by the end of - oh, you figured it out already..."

I have just one more thing to say: "BIO-DOME!!!"

Very funny and stupid - just like him!