Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I was robbed!!

Ran to Target at lunch to grab a few essentials, and these cookies jumped in my cart as I passed the Christmas treats. Well, that is the story I am telling Dunnski, and I am sticking to it.

I mean, come on, I had to get them. The box says they are "chocolate drenched", not dipped in chocolate, not covered in chocolate, not even laced with chocolate. CHOCOLATE DRENCHED!!

So, I get back to work and open the box and to my surprise, there are only 7 cookies in the box. Seven cookies. I paid $3.99 for 7 freakin' cookies?!?! I google 'Milano limited edition cookies' and I find the picture with the following article below......

Apparently I am not the only sucker who likes Milano cookies. Holy Crap. I feel so used.

"Each winter Pepperidge Farms brings out a chocolate covered version of their Milano cookies, which are extremely popular with both chocoholics and cookie fans.

The regular Milano cookies feature two crispy, oval-shaped sugar cookies sandwiching a thin layer of dark chocolate. As the photo above indicates, the luxurious Chocolate Drenched version features even more chocolate and is apparently quite the treat.

The Chocolate Drenched Milanos typically hit stores around the December holidays, and in spite of the high price per package (as high as $4 for seven cookies) they don’t last long."

Ok, now I am really mad. While I was writing this blog post, I ate one of the cookies.

It was OK. Just OK. It is not the decadent treat the box promises. What is the world coming to when you cannot find simple pleasure in a cookie???????????


ummmhello said...

*sigh* I was at the store yesterday, and the bakery started with their holiday themed butter cookies, which I looove. $8 for half a pound!

Don said...

P-Farm cookies are OK, but they were always expensive if not overpriced. You want chocolate, get a Godiva bar.

kristi said...

Daaaaaaamn that is an expensive 7 cookies.