Monday, November 17, 2008

I am not sure I could be anymore mad!

**update** We are back from the Dr. and I am NOT crazy. She does NOT have a stomach virus, like Mrs Triage Nurse tried to tell me. She has acid indigestion from her ADHD meds not dissolving correctly in her tummy. She has lost another 3 lbs that she had gained back and the Dr. gave her Prevacid for her upset tummy. And they now have a new lower dose of Vyvanse. So, we are trying the Vyvanse again, but at the lower dose...cross your fingers and toes.

I called our pediatrician this morning at 7:30 to schedule an appointment for our 9 yr old. Her stomach has been hurting since yesterday and she is not eating. Her ADHD medication is probably the reason for the stomach pain, but I need to talk to her doctor. See, we are on our 4th medication change since we started ADHD meds in the summer.

So, I am talking to the lady who answers the phone, I told her I wanted to see Dr. Dedman, and she says she has 1:40 for today. I said that would be great. She then asked me what was wrong. I told her that Ash was having stomach pain. She immediately says that she cannot put me in the time slot, that I must speak to the Triage Nurse and transfers me. Wait...w.t.f?????????? I did not want to leave a message for the Triage Nurse. I ended the call on my cell, and called again. "Hello, this Linda", I hear in my ear. I introduced myself AGAIN, and told her that I didn't need to talk to the Triage Nurse, that I was pretty sure what was wrong. She told me all stomach complaints had to go the the Triage Nurse. Oh. My. God. She transfers me AGAIN.

All I want to do is make an appointment for my daughter.

So, I left a lengthy, detailed message with the Triage Nurse, as I was directed to do. TWO HOURS later, I get a call back from Amy. She begins to question me on when our last bowel movement was, what it looked like, and 17 other questions that I answered before she said to me "I think she just has a stomach virus, so have her lay down, and call us back later in the afternoon." the exact moment I lost it. I said "NO, she does not have stomach virus. I know my daughter, and I want to have her seen by a doctor, so, she will be seen by a doctor. I want an appointment time for today!" She tells me she has a 1:40 with another Dr., no, wait that appointment is gone. It was just taken by someone else who is also booking appointments. So, they only appointment they have left for the day is at.............4:00.

I said, "4:00!!!!!!!!! Well, if you had just let me make the appointment when I called at 7:30, I would have a 1:40, with our Doctor. Now my daughter has to lay in my office floor all day because of your office policy of all stomach pain calls having to go through the Triage Nurse, which makes NO SENSE TO ME!!!!!!!!" (Not really with the laying on the office floor line...I was trying to make her ass feel bad. I did bring her to work with me though, because her Dr's office is 5 minutes away from office.)

She told me that I could call the Office Manager. Which, once I got off the phone with Amy, I did. The OM was not at her desk, I really should have calmed down before I left that voice mail. As I am hanging up from leaving my nasty message with the OM, Amy calls back to tell me they have a cancellation at 1:00 and it is with the same DR we would see at 4:00.

Why does everything have to be so freakin' difficult????????????


Midwest Mommy said...

If it were me next time I would just lie and say it was for a sore throat...then when you get there say no, I told her it was for stomach pains. At least then you would get the appointment.

Midwest Mommy said...

Also, that makes no sense that you would have to speak with the triage nurse because it is such an emergency but then they don't call you back for 2 hours??? Crazy!

MariaG097 said...

AW, feel better ASH!

I had a similar issue with my daughter's dcotor's office...They didn't see her until the next day.

Needless to say, I found her a new doctor.

Charmed said...

I told the TN the next time I would just lie and say something else was wrong. She said if it was hurting her that bad I should take her to the ER. I told her that it wasn't an emergency! I just wanted an appointment for today! I have been a mother for 13 years to two children. I understand they do not want a child throwing up all over their waiting room. BUT, she was not throwing up. I tried to tell them why her why I thought her stomach hurt. She told me they only have ADHD related appt's twice a day. 7:40 and 1:40. OMG - the number of kids today that have ADD and they only have two slots a day??? And 7:40am????

I know sometimes I can be a little stubborn when it comes to my kids, but this time...I was not backing down.

Don said...

I think you really need a new doctor - and you should let him know why you switched. In your shoes, it's exactly what I'd be doing. Who knows, perhaps he'll figure out a triage nurse that responds at a snail's pace and pisses off patients and their parents isn't such a brilliant idea after all.

When companies build up too much bureaucracy, absolutely nothing ever takes place in an efficient manner.

ummmhello said...

GOOD FOR YOU for pushing on even after the triage nurse dismissed you. YOU know when something's wrong, and it's up to MOMS to make sure it gets corrected. I hope things move ahead better with the lower dosage.

Melinda Zook said...

I think you need a new doctor...what is up with those people! Are they trying to make themselves a liability? Really, if you know your daughter needs to see a doctor they should be accommodating that as quickly as possible. So sad how doctors offices have no sense of customer service...because you are indeed a customer. If enough people leave their practice, they will learn a lesson.

kristi said...

If you don't call my Dr's office at 7 freaking A.M. you can hang it up on getting an appointment for that day at all! Pisses me off!