Wednesday, October 15, 2008


You are confused, but don’t know why. Your mind is a lonely car on a multi lane highway, passed by the oncoming cars. The headlights approach so fast they make you dizzy. You want to pull over, just for a moment so you can gather your thoughts. But, it will not help, nothing helps. Why are you so confused?

You read a paragraph, then, you read it again. Your mind wanders, you cannot remember what you have read. You buy a book with a mouthwatering cover longing to read the words inside. Wanting so hard for your imagination to carry you away to the place the words you read have created in your mind. But, instead, the words are strewn in your brain like a puzzle. There is confusion. You lay the book down in frustration. Why can’t you remember?

You daydream beyond your control. You are sleepy when you go to bed and sleepy when you wake up. You have trouble remembering dates, details and names. You are almost always late for work and appointments. Your body and your mind are so tired. You feel as if your mind does a lot of work during a normal day just trying to keep up. Your mind wanders in the middle of the day and even while driving. Why can’t you stay alert?

In a new social setting you are more introverted than extroverted. You often feel as if you have a difficult time holding your own in a conversation. You feel out of step and often miss cues. You also have difficulty with word retrieval. However, you do feel more comfortable with verbal communication than written. Why do you feel so awkward?

At work, you have a tough time concentrating and staying on task. You will start an assignment, then begin another without finishing the first. If the task is the least bit boring, you will have a very hard time completing it. On the other hand, if the task interests you, you will have a relatively easy time with its completion. You will procrastinate, until you are looking at a due date square in the face. Why can’t you focus?

At home, you are usually always moving. You only slow down when you are asleep or not feeling well. You feel guilty if you are not being productive. You feel you need constant movement. Even while sitting, you find comfort in the simple movement of bouncing your leg up and down. You even find yourself not able to sit still long enough to watch a movie. Why can’t you relax?

This is my interpretation of ADD and how if has effected my life. I am slowly finding the answers to my questions. I am hoping that as I find the answers to my questions, I can also help my daughter find the answers to her questions as well.

*For adults with ADD / ADHD, life can be a frustrating merry-go-round of running late, not getting things done, and screwing up — or at least feeling as if you are. Keeping track of and completing even routine chores and work activities can seem overwhelming. But ADD / ADHD doesn’t cancel out intelligence, and adults with ADD / ADHD often exhibit lots of creativity and imagination. And in those qualities are the seeds of skills and practices that can bring order to your chaotic world.

Managing your adult ADD / ADHD is largely a process of self-help. While ADD / ADHD is not a character flaw or something you caused, the disorder is an explanation, not an excuse. You still have to get the kids to school, keep the house in order, get your work done, and pay the bills. It’s a challenge, and it’s up to you to recognizing your strengths and use them to develop skills that will allow you to work better, be better organized, and interact with people more effectively. If you do, you can counteract the effects of ADD / ADHD. And there are plenty of people who can help you help yourself.


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