Friday, October 03, 2008


I am having a debate with a younger, single male in the office. He wore his new jeans to work today. I too, have a new pair of jeans. He was telling me his came from Macy's and cost $200. While mine came from Target and cost $27.99. He looked at me with disgust and said, "Nuuhuu, my jeans NEVER come from Target!" I then looked at him and said, "well my jeans NEVER cost $200!"

A co-worker heard us talking and asked what was going on. She then agreed that his may have a 'name brand', but mine are definitely constructed with more material and do not have holes, tears and fading. To her comments, he quickly turned on his $150 loafers he had also purchased at Macy's and huffed out of the room and called us "old".

I beg his pardon. I don't call us 'old', I call us 'smart'.


ummmhello said...

Damn right!

Ryan The Intern said...

Yeah...I'm 21 and will never pay more than $35 for pants. Ever. That's dumb.