Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Great weekend...

We had a nice trip to Indy last weekend to see Dunnski's brother and his family. Saturday while the manly men watched football, the ladies took the kids shopping and to the Indy Children's Museum. The kids really liked the cool exhibits at the museum and with Halloween right around the corner, there was a Haunted House you could Trick or Treat. But, I must admit it was more of a Haunted House for 2 year olds, and the candy was horrible.

After the museum, we hit a very cool outside mall. Claire's was having a GREAT sale, so my STBSIL and I were taking in all the cool girly stuff when I saw this huge rack of crocs. Our youngest LOVES crocs, this is all she wears to school. I asked her try on a pair to see if the smallest size they had would fit. She takes her flip flop off and puts her foot in the croc that still has the little plastic hanger thingy attached (that keeps them together, hanging on the rack) and she yells "Oww, this shoe hurts my rectum!" I immediately ssshhhhhhh'd her, and told her that your rectum is your butt hole and NO WHERE near your foot!! AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH, one of these days my kids are going to push me off that ledge I am teetering on.

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Amy Amy Bo Bamey said...

OMG....I am cracking up at what she said! Got to love KIDS!! Rectum....that is so funny!