Wednesday, September 10, 2008

No shit Sherlock

This article is making my ass hurt. Do you ever get the feeling some studies are conducted just to waste time? What is the purpose of studies like this?

Here is quote from the article, "But the researchers stress that because the study is so small, and the differences not "whopping", women contemplating C-sections shouldn't panic."

I guess this ruffles my feathers so because I had two C-sections. The first was not my choice, it was my daughters. She was trying to come out of me butt first with her feet up next to her head. This would not have had a happy ending if not for the emergency C-section. With my 2nd daughter, I tried to have a VBAC, but after 26 hours in labor and only 2cm dilation, there was no baby coming that way. Not to mention that I was induced a week early because after a C-section the uterus can weaken and tear if it stretched to much. Thus, I had my 2nd C-section.

C-sections are not fun. They are major surgery that you have to recover from once home as well as take care of your newborn. With a C-section, once your baby is born, you are given a very quick glimpse of the baby and then they are whisked away, while you are sutured and taken to recovery to lay alone until a nurse comes to check you for hemorrhoids. Good times.

Mothers do not need to be made to feel guilty about the way their children are brought into this world. The goal of childbirth is a healthy mom and baby, no matter how he/she comes into the world.

I'm done. I feel better now. Thanks for listening...or reading.


Fiona said...

"It's better for some women to have a Caesarean section when relaxed than to suffer the stress of awaiting a vaginal delivery," he says.

Yes, I'll bet HE does say that....I've known a few women who had to have C-Sections and I wouldn't call any of them 'relaxed'!!! Duuuuuh

I absolutely applaud you for standing up for healthy mums and babies being the priority. No-one should be made to feel badly about whatever measure is necessary to protect the baby and mother.

There's an odd thing that happens in HKG - we have a VERY high rate of C-sections because people like to CHOOSE auspicious dates for the birth of their children and doctors like to plan their golf days!! A lot of doctors here actually promote C-sections and nurses don't do enough to encourage breast-feeding. EVERYTHING seems to be about time in HKG, even childbirth and childrearing!

Maria said...

Oh, good the world NEEDS these sorts of studies?

kristi said...

This irritates me along with the bottle vs breast. To each his own, I say.