Monday, September 15, 2008

My Pet Peeves

1. When my pens are put in my pen cup on my desk with the tops off pen side down. All the ink gathers at the bottom. I hate that.

2. When my kids yell "MOM" from another room. And when I get to where they are, they tell me that their clothes are itching them. Or something just as silly.

3. When you make tentative plans with someone, then they cancel when someone better comes along. Then tell you how miserable you would be you won't feel bad. Rude.

4. When my oldest daughter calls me at work to tell me my youngest daughter is annoying her. WTF am I supposed to do about it, I am 37 miles away!

5. When the home phone rings, then your cell rings, then the home phone rings again. And it was the same person who called all three times but they did not leave a message any of the three times the called. GGGGRRRRR

6. To be continued...I will think of more....Trust me.....


Fiona said...

1. When people amble down the pavement during the lunch hour and I have 387 things to do in that one hour.

2. People who get up out of their seats before the plane has docked at the gate, and start hauling large bags out of the overhead bins.

3. When the underground train stops at a station and people are pushing to get in, before letting people out.

I loved the one about your oldest daughter calling you to complain about your youngest daughter - my sister text'd me the other day with an 'urgent, please call me back' - so I did, in the middle of a busy work day, to find out she wanted to tell me that the vacuum cleaner wasn't working....I'm like and what the *&%# do you want ME to do about it, sitting here almost 6,000 miles away ?!?!?!?!

Charmed said...

#2 annoys me too! Like where are they going to go?? They just stand there in your way, blocking the aisles.

We had a long talk with the girls last night about getting along. I hope today is better.

ummmhello said...

#5 KILLS me!!!